Motion Design Projects


Animating stories has become one of my passions after being introduced to motion design as a student. I have since done a series of compositions for various organizations and personal projects. 

Instructional Animations

During the order funnel rework at Wendy's, we identified a need to better communicate instructions, especially at critical moments in the order process. Where to go and what to do become much harder to parse quickly when you're hungry or in a hurry. To address this, I created a new animated library for our ordering channels with a common visual language.



The culmination of my undergraduate studies and the bulk of my senior thesis. This animation sought to explain my vision for the future of planetariums and space education, to create immersive spaces that encourage active learning.



An exploratory exercise on how Fitbit could better leverage meaningful microinteractions in their digital ecosystem. This particular case study sought to better bridge their online dashboard and mobile application. 


Innovate (Begins at 2m12s)

OSU's Innovate "is an annual conference that brings together educators, administrators and tech industry professionals to explore recent advancements, best practices, and provocative approaches to teaching and learning with technology." I was asked to produce a kickoff video for the 2015 conference that helped ease in the keynote speakers and introduce the year's themes. 



I was asked to produce an informational video that helps explain OSU's partnership with other universities to foster better digital education experiences.


Student Project: The Black Death

As part of a information design course, we were encouraged to choose a topic of personal interest with data visualization opportunities. I felt that this historical event would be a perfect candidate. (I realized afterwards—to equal parts dismay and excitement—that Ratatouille did a pretty good job as well.)