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Wendy's 90 Degree Labs

Columbus, Ohio, 2015 - 2018Website

The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) space presents many unique design challenges—wait time, food quality, and value chief among them.

The initial designs of Wendy's eCommerce applications were produced by an external agency. I was brought on to help reshape those solutions for iOS, Android, and Web based on a foundation of new research insights and usability validation.    

I lead design efforts on the following projects. 


Enabling personalization is one distinct advantage of the digital space and surfacing these options was a key business goal.

We went to users first and re-designed this feature for their needs.

Order Funnel Redesign

The original architecture of the Wendy's app allowed for many branching paths (a hedge maze of options and escape hatches.) 

Its rework puts Order at the center of a three pillar design.

Visual Refresh

One challenge of building upon a pre-existing design is that its implementation can begin to feel like a patchwork.

In this refresh, we were able to align the visual language across channels.